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Friday, June 27, 2008

Podcast: The problem of evil

Podcast notes:

-This is a 40 minute podcast I recorded today on the problem of evil, basically just an argument for my approach to the issue. I really enjoyed making it and was pretty happy with the audio quality.
-Looking back on this podcast (after a few months) I don't really think that this is the best response to the problem of evil you can make (my thinking has developed a bit more). But this podcast still has some interesting information in it.

Further Reading:

-A restatement of this podcast in article form.
-At the end of this article I try to account for why God distributes evil in the world so unfairly.
-A long article that uses a slightly different argument to explain what it means to partially exist as a person.
-Another variation on the argument in this podcast that uses the infinite/finite distinction between God and humans to deal with the problem of suffering instead of 'exclusive existence'.

Title: The problem of evil
Time: 38:01 minutes
Size: 17.4 MB mp3

Direct link to the audio file
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Weblog of a Christian philosophy student to start podcasting!

I've decided that instead of writing up 10,000 word articles that very few people read, I am going to accomplish the same thing in podcast form, which is a lot more interesting. I listen to a lot of podcasts myself and really enjoy the format. Stay tuned to perhaps more regular updates in podcast form (possibly).

I'm uploading my first one now, on the problem of evil I'll upload one on the problem of evil sometime this or next week.