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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?

This is an interesting question to anybody. Why does something exist? Why, and what reason could there be for existence? If we could prove there was a God, why would God exist?

I would maintain that something that we are to find time and time again in nature is the sense of balance. Indeed, some atheistic physicists like Victor J. Stenger have argued that everything we observe in the laws of physics is merely some kind of elementary balance - spontaneous symmetry breaking.

In one idea of the universe, it's proposed that all energy is the equal of negative energy. Negative energy is gravity from stars and other such objects. Matter has an opposite of anti-matter - almost exactly equal in the beginning of the universe. It seems that when scientists do there calculations, the things add up.

I would propose another kind of symmetry to answer the question, why does God exist, or anything? I would propose that everything that exists is the equal of everything that does not exist. There is, I propose a kind of balance in nature - where things that don't exist are balanced by that which does exist. So the sum of 'existence' is merely the polar mirror for that which has no existence.

This is a mildly fanciful viewpoint I suppose. However this 'existence symmetry' is a possible answer to the question of why something exists rather than nothing.

And because everything that does not exist is the equal of everything except God, then God must exist.