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Friday, June 27, 2008

Podcast: The problem of evil

Podcast notes:

-This is a 40 minute podcast I recorded today on the problem of evil, basically just an argument for my approach to the issue. I really enjoyed making it and was pretty happy with the audio quality.
-Looking back on this podcast (after a few months) I don't really think that this is the best response to the problem of evil you can make (my thinking has developed a bit more). But this podcast still has some interesting information in it.

Further Reading:

-A restatement of this podcast in article form.
-At the end of this article I try to account for why God distributes evil in the world so unfairly.
-A long article that uses a slightly different argument to explain what it means to partially exist as a person.
-Another variation on the argument in this podcast that uses the infinite/finite distinction between God and humans to deal with the problem of suffering instead of 'exclusive existence'.

Title: The problem of evil
Time: 38:01 minutes
Size: 17.4 MB mp3

Direct link to the audio file
Link to the audio file page

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Blogger Kristina said...

hello, I know this is not related to your blog but I am curious about 1 Cor 15:45.
I was reading up on 1 Cor 15:45 and the whole concept of Jesus becoming a spirit is throwing me off. I mean you have Adam who became human and then Jesus becoming a spirit. I read some argument that Paul meant that Jesus was becoming the Holy Spirit but Paul didn't say he was the Holy Spirit but a spirit. Throughout the New Testament, Paul talks about the spirit being inside and not connected to the body at all. Something without matter. Why then would we assume that Jesus has a body if he is becoming a spirit which is usually disconnected from the body?
If you can email me,
kwrigh985@gmail.com, it would be much appreciated.

Blogger Will G said...

Hey Kristina, I'm not a Biblical expert so I couldn't explain what's going on there with a lot of confidence, but look here and here, a couple of good websites for that kind of analysis.


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