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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Why does God value faith 3: One way God uses faith in Christ

Part 1, part 2.

What's so great about believing in Christian theology? Why does God place so much emphasis on believing in a particular, specific religion to get saved?

I have a theory that God uses faith in the following way:

1) God makes an association between Christian faith (an intellectual belief) in someone's mind and the decision to follow Christ (a decision of the heart to follow God and repent).
2) God then allows a lot of pressure to be put on that person's intellectual faith, in order to put a lot of pressure on their decision to follow Christ through putting pressure on their intellectual faith. Why? To ultimately strengthen someone's resolve to follow Christ by making them hold on to it over many struggles. This pressure is known as 'doubt'.

Why do this? Why create (2)?

Because we have to be willing to follow God *forever* in the Kingdom of God; not a limited amount of time. And we have to be willing to walk into the perfect self that God has provided for us all in the cross. Putting pressure on someone's 'intellectual faith' can be used to accomplish greater resolve. It involves suffering, but it is needed for us to walk into the perfect self that God has provided for us, so it is absolutely the right thing for God to do.

So one possible reason God might value faith in Christian theology, and Christian claims, is because it is an easy way to make this situation happen (Heb 12:11).

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