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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Podcast: The theology of an infinite God

Podcast Notes:

-It's often said that we can never understand God using our intellect. Why is this? Is it because God is infinite? But what does that mean? This podcast discusses the nature of God as an actual infinity. This kind of discussion can help to explain why our limited reason is on the 'wrong level' needed to fully understand God.

Title: Theology of an infinite God (OR: 'Why we can't ever intellectually understand God')
Time: 20:32 minutes
Size: 9.4 MB mp3

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A couple of important clarifications:

-I should note that I'm not saying there's no difference between good and evil with this distinction-less idea. Evil comes from 'messing up' the A = A (love) of the infinite world, which can't happen to God because He's consistently infinite in every respect (so there is no evil in God). But we do evil because we're not all-infinite and so can be tempted to make mistakes. There's also a difference between anger and love in God, but only when viewed through finite reasoning. Both God's anger and love are part of a single whole that is His personality, but this is divided into sections with our finite reasoning.
-Also, on the trinity, there really are three distinct persons in distinctionless existence who are also one person. This is a mystery to finite reasoning - maybe it comes out of distinctionless existence being conscious and loving in some way? It's a mysterious attribute of fully infinite persons. These ideas shouldn't be taken to go against the trinity.

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