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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Why is God never tempted to sin?

A brief way of putting it is that God's 'head' is the same kind of thing as His 'heart', and that means they'll always line up perfectly, whereas our 'head' is very different to our 'heart', and so the door is open to us to have thoughts that go against what our 'heart' says.

Another way of putting it is that we only have one thing to go on when we're deciding whether to do The Right Thing. The only thing we have to go on is our moral sense. That's it. But God has something more to go on when He's deciding whether to do the right thing. He has an 'extra thing', kind of like our moral sense, but intellectual instead of emotional. Because of this 'extra thing' God conceives of us on an intellectual level exactly like our highest moral ideals. Just like our highest moral ideals would never allow us not to love someone, God's 'extra thing' prevents Him from conceiving of someone in a way not deserving of love intellectually. So there's nowhere in God for evil to 'come from'.

We can't understand or perceive this 'extra thing', because unfortunately it's one of those things that only God can have, like being all powerful or present everywhere. That's too bad, because with only our moral sense to go on when making decisions we're simply going to fail a lot of the time. ("Why do you call me good? One there is who is good, that is, God" - Jesus in Matthew 19:16-17).



Anonymous jore314 said...

Glad to see another blogger rejecting their copyright.

You may be interested in this list of notable works whose copyright were waived by its creator.


Blogger Will G said...

Yeah, I want people to feel free to use any helpful articles here without necessarily having to give me credit.


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