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Monday, February 09, 2009

Podcast: What is free will?

Podcast Notes:

-Podcast on the nature of free will. Do we have libertarian free will? What kind of freedom is it? Why can't we understand it very well?

Title: What is free will?
Time: 21:29 minutes
Size: 9.8 MB mp3

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Further reading:

-How are things in the infinite world different to things in the finite world?
-A short article on free will.
-A longer version of the above, which includes several other topics.
-A long article on free will that uses the ideas in the above articles to respond to four objections to free will and God's existence: 1) Doesn't omniscience contradict free will? 2) Isn't the way things have turned out God's responsibility? 3) Why didn't God only make people who will go to heaven? 4) Isn't free will's handling of probability incoherent?

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