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Friday, December 12, 2008

Podcast: Understanding Suffering and the Answer to Job

Podcast notes:

-This is a 40 minute podcast I recorded on suffering, God, and God's answer to Job in the Bible.
-This podcast relates a lot of the themes of this site in its discussion of suffering, and so is a good representation of this blog's theology.
-I talk about how humans are made in the image of God (it's not just about being able to reason), what this means for our ability to understand each other and God, and finally what this means for our ability to know why we suffer in a complete sense.

Title: Understanding Suffering
Time: 40:27 minutes
Size: 18.5 MB mp3

Direct link to the audio file (Right click and 'Save As')
Link to the audio file page

Further Reading:

-Here is a short (~580 word) article on the ideas in this podcast.
-A much longer (~4500 word) article fully putting down the ideas in this podcast.
-A long (~4500 word) article on free will, a shorter version.
-In this article I use the ideas in this podcast to make a case for where good and evil come from.

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